At SAGE our hope is to bring about the next generation of leaders in STEM.

SAGE Leadership

Leadership Background


Leadership opportunities are all around us. It is said that a leader is one who can see how things can be improved, and build on the leadership skills they develop at camp and avail themselves.

As students move along their SAGE Journey, we hope that they avail of LEADERSHIP opportunities -- whether in a direct role, or via indirect influence -- not only in their specific job, but in the larger community where they live.


How YOU Can Be a Leader Today

  • Speaker

    Speak Up

    Let your voice be heard, because the best solutions emerge from a diverse combination of ideas that build on each other.
  • Double Gear

    Team Up

    Effective leadership fosters communication and teamwork, because success depends on unique insights and perspectives from a diverse team. As a leader, you promote integrity, excellence, and innovation.
  • Lightbulb

    Think Up

    Innovation is at the heart of everything done inside the National Labs, where we strive to make our world a safer, better place for all. What can you think up?
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