Ready to continue on the SAGE Journey and start a career? Take advantage of resources, role models, and a support network that will help you achieve your goals.



The SAGE Journey you started in high school progressed and now you want to start a career!

Join a creative, diverse and united workforce in one of the multiple National Laboratories in the US. Make an impact in your community and the world around you, joining a team specialized in a wide range of progressive science, technology, and engineering across many exciting fields, including space exploration, geophysics, renewable energy, supercomputing, medicine, and nanotechnology.


Where do you want to work?

Resources for early careers:

Video: STEM careers without PhD
Video: How to Prepare for an Interview
Video: STEM Career Pathways
Video: Resume and Cover Letter Writing

The American Physics Society (APS) has a page of resources
for early-career individuals in the field of physics, and a page for women in physics.

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