Ready to continue on the SAGE Journey and start a career in STEM? Take advantage of resources, role models, and a support network that will help you achieve your goals.

RESOURCES for Early Careers



The SAGE Journey you started in high school progresses and now you have the possibility to start a career in STEM!

Look for resources that your college or university has available to you, and chat with a career counselor about them. As an early career professional, you will learn what it takes to thrive and succeed in your chosen field.

Avail of resources within the SAGE community - contacts you have made over the years, activities and ongoing professional development. The SAGE’s Early Career Research Program supports early career researchers at the National Laboratories in an effort to empower the nation’s scientific workforce.

SAGE Networking


By expanding your network, you will meet people who are positive role models.  An effective approach is working with a mentor or engaging in informational interviews to learn more about a specific job you’re interested in, or a different career path you’d like to explore.  

Reach out to them via LinkedIn or speak to them after seminars you’ve attended. Join professional societies that resonate with you and align with your interests and goals.  They offer professional development and networking opportunities.  For example, the American Physics Society (APS) has a page of resources for early-career individuals in the field of physics, and a page for women in physics.

More examples of Professional Societies are listed below:
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