Discover the numerous internship opportunities available at the Department of Energy National Laboratories all around the Country.




Career or college decisions are often wrought with questions: 

Is it right for me? 
Will I find it interesting and engaging? 
Am I prepared to enter this stage in my life? 
What else do I need to do to achieve my goals?

Internships are the best way to “get your foot in the door” and help you make career or college decisions. A paid internship over the summer (for high school students) or any time during the year (for college students and older) gives you insight on what it’s like to work in a National Laboratory.


Internships are a risk-free way to explore possible pathways and careers.

And the best part is:  you learn more about yourself -- what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’re capable of doing.
See the various internships available to high school and college students at each DOE Laboratory:
SAGE Green to Tan

Internships at Participating Labs

Fermilab, IL 
Lawrence Berkeley Lab, CA
Los Alamos National Lab, NM
Lawrence Livermore Lab, CA
Oak Ridge National Lab, TN
SLAC National Lab, CA


More Internship Opportunities at Various Locations:

Community College Internship
  • Currently enrolled in community college
  • Completed at least 1 semester at the time of applying
  • Completed at least 12 credit hours toward a degree
  • Completed at least 6 credit hours in STEM course areas
  • Earned a high school diploma or GED
Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship
  • Undergraduate standing
  • Completed 1 year as a matriculating student
  • Earned a high school diploma or GED
Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program
  • Undergraduate or Graduate standing
  • Pursuing a STEM degree
  • Attending a Minority Serving Institution
  • Must be a US Citizen
Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program
  • Undergraduate or Graduate standing
  • Pursuing a STEM degree
  • Sophomore standing
  • Must be a US Citizen