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Science Accelerating Girls' Engagement

The SAGE Journey

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Who We Serve

The SAGE Journey is for curious and passionate students who want to explore the wide range of career possibilities for their future.  The journey which starts in the teen years, requires an open-mind that is willing to see beyond old knowledge and perceptions.  The journey can be viewed as an adventure with twists and turns, to be filled with hands-on experiences and personal interactions that teach life lessons.

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What We Offer

The SAGE Journey starts in high school, the growing SAGE community offers opportunities and support as students embark on their SAGE journey, ready to look into what fulfilling careers await them, careers that impact our communities and the world.

From innovations in energy technologies and sustainable building design, to medical discoveries and improved national security.


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A SAGE Student is curious and perceptive insightful and brave, empowered and resilient.

SAGE Opportunities

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